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to Patrick Breyer’s website – Digital freedom fighter and top candidate of the German Pirate Party for the European Parliament Elections 2019

Europe’s new voice of privacy and the free Internet

I passionately defend human rights in the age of the digital revolution. I have been active in the civil liberties movement for many years. In court I successfully contested the first German law on data retention and the law on access to subscriber data. I have sued for Internet surfers’ privacy and achieved access to information regarding Court documents in the EU Commission’s possession.

Europe needs digital freedom fighters more urgently than ever! Other parties are committed to other priorities and fail again and again when it comes to protecting digital human rights. Our incredibly influential pirate party deputy in Brussels is so far Julia Reda – Europe’s Internet expert par excellence. It is largely thanks to her that the Europe-wide resistance against the censorship machine “upload filters” and against an “ancillary copyright” is so great.

Because Julia Reda and data protection expert Jan Philipp Albrecht unfortunately leave Brussels, privacy and the free Internet need a new strong voice in Europe from 2019. That is why, as a civil liberties activist and long-time freedom fighter against surveillance mania, I am standing for election as the top candidate of the Pirate Party.

I see the Pirate Party not only as the parliamentary arm of the net community and the civil liberties movement. As political hackers, we also want to update the political operating system. Many citizens no longer trust the EU and Europe is deeply divided between rich and poor. We pirates declare war on the “lobby paradise” of Brussels. In the EU, corporate interests must no longer have the say, but politics shall be made in the interest of the citizens. Backroom deals favour undue influence and corruption. We therefore need transparency of lobby contacts, clear rules against conflicts of interest, digital citizen participation and direct democracy.

Since no electoral threshold applies for the 2019 European Parliament elections in Germany, there is a very good chance that Germany’s Pirate Party will be able to send Julia Reda’s successor(s) to Brussels.

My priorities for Europe

1) Protecting human rights in the digital age

  • Right to privacy instead of increasing mass surveillance and control by the police-industrial complex
  • Right to free exchange of information and opinions instead of censorship and filtering
  • Modern, fair copyright law instead of expensive warnings and paternalism
  • Free software and free knowledge
  • Right to free movement instead of reintroduction of border controls in Europe

2) Update for Europe

  • Transparency of lobby contacts and clear rules against conflicts of interest instead of “lobby paradise Brussels”
  • Right of access to information instead of secret documents and agreements (e.g. TTIP)
  • Digital citizen participation and direct democracy at EU level instead of backroom politics behind closed doors
  • Protect rather than prosecute whistleblowers
  • Rule of law for all instead of private arbitral tribunals for corporations

This is what pirate party MEP Julia Reda has achieved for you since 2014

  • 1 million euros of EU funding for the security of free software
  • Panoramic freedom when taking pictures defended
  • Digital citizen participation in the drafting of the report on copyright reform
  • Development of a software for publishing lobbyist contacts and deployment by the entire Green/European Free Alliance group
  • Geoblocking for streaming services and online shopping has been restricted
  • Publication of a secret copyright study, finding that industry suffers hardly any losses due to file sharing
  • Europe-wide campaign against Internet censorship (upload filters) and link tax (ancillary copyright law)

Contact me

Gabriele Biwanke-Wenzel, ph. +49 30 2757 2040, will answer telephone enquiries for me (e.g. press enquiries) even outside business hours.

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