About me

Digital freedom fighter and top candidate of the German Pirate Party for the European Parliament Elections 2019. From 6 May 2012 to 6 June 2017, I was a member of the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament for the Pirate Party. I temporarily chaired the parliamentary group and was a permanent member of the Internal Affairs and Legal Affairs Committees. In the German Pirate Party I am the spokesperson on data protection.

I am an active member of the NGO Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung (Working Group on Data Retention), author of the blog ‘Daten-Speicherung.de – minimum data, maximum privacy’ and I live in Kiel.

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My motivation

Fighting for more freedom and self-determination for all people is the main goal of my political work. My dream is a society that keeps us safe by strengthening the respect for each other’s rights. A world without mass surveillance, in which we live more safely than we do today, is possible.

We need to reduce state surveillance of citizens, independently evaluate existing surveillance laws, eliminate new surveillance plans, invest in targeted crime prevention and focus on people’s real problems in everyday life rather than on fear-mongering.

Why Pirate?

When I learned in 2006 that the German Pirate Party was to be founded in Berlin, I became a founding member especially because of the Party’s strong commitment to privacy and data protection. The Pirate Party declared war right in its first policy programme on excessive state surveillance. It recognised that government surveillance of citizens who are not suspected of any crime is a fundamentally unacceptable violation of the fundamental right to privacy. It is high time that the changes sought by the civil liberties movement, for example at the protest marches “Freedom not Fear”, are finally implemented politically.

My political work

Memberships and sponsorships

Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte (GFF), Greenpeace, Mehr Demokratie, netzpolitik.org, noyb, Reporter ohne Grenzen

Transparent Member of Parliament (archived)

On the page “Transparency data” you can read the following further information concerning my serving as a member of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament:

  • Overview of mandate-related income and expenses
  • Additional income sources
  • Equipment provided to me
  • Compensation for personal staff
  • Parliamentary initiatives I have been involved in drafting

Press photos

High-resolution photos for free use by media can be downloaded here and here (photographer: Oliver Franke):

Wikimedia has more photos licensed CC BY-SA 3.0.