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26. May 2024

»Mit den jetzt zirkulierenden Daten können Kriminelle sich als Parlamentsmitarbeiter ausgeben, … insgesamt mit politischer Zielsetzung die Parlamentsarbeit maßgeblich stören.« zitiert mich der Spiegel zum Hack der EU-Parlaments-Personaldaten. spiegel.de/politik/deutschland

26. May 2024

in Europa – unsere Erfolgsbilanz ist online!
1⃣Wir erkämpfen Wahlfreiheit, Digitalisierung und Transparenz
2⃣Wir verhindern Chatkontrolle, Zwangs-ePA und Uploadfilter
3⃣Wir decken auf

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25. May 2024

🇬🇧The documentary by German public broadcaster ZDF on EU surveillance research, supported by us , is out! It showcases our work in Brussels:

⚖️ My successful ECJ transparency lawsuit for disclosure of surveillance research on unscientific AI video lie detectors has made this research possible patrick-breyer.de/en/posts/ibo

📄We have obtained many more iBorderCtrl documents: nextcloud.pp-eu.eu/index.php/s

❓The ZDF show mentions the answer of EU Commissioner "Big Sister" Johansson to my written question: europarl.europa.eu/doceo/docum

🤥🎦The EU's does not ban the use of "video lie detectors" because an amendment colleagues and I tabled was unsuccessful: europarl.europa.eu/doceo/docum

📺Watch the broadcast with English subtitles: youtube.com/watch?v=SY_xV-Raq3

25. May 2024

🇩🇪Die von uns unterstützte Recherche von Jan Böhmermann @janboehm zur EU-Überwachungsforschung ist da! Sie zeigt unsere Arbeit als im EU-Parlament auf:
⚖️ Meine erfolgreiche EuGH-Transparenzklage auf Offenlegung der -Überwachungsforschung zu unwissenschaftlichen KI-Video-Lügendetektoren hat diese Recherche ermöglicht patrick-breyer.de/beitraege/ib
📄 Wir haben viele weitere -Unterlagen herausgeklagt: nextcloud.pp-eu.eu/index.php/s
❓Die im ZDF-Beitrag gezeigte Stellungnahme von EU-Kommissarin „Big Sister“ Johansson erfolgte auf meine Anfrage: patrick-breyer.de/beitraege/ib
🤥🎦 Das KI-Gesetz der EU (), gegen das wir fast als einzige gestimmt haben, schließt den Einsatz von „Video-Lügendetektoren“ nicht aus, weil ein Änderungsantrag von mir und anderen Kollegen erfolglos blieb.
🗳️Der Digital-o-mat zur hat schnell reagiert und eine Frage dazu ergänzt – mach den Test: digitalomat24.de
📺Schau dir die ZDF-Magazin-Royale-Sendung an: zdf.de/comedy/zdf-magazin-roya

24. May 2024

🇬🇧Because of an insecure app hackers have stolen all of the EU Parliament's staff files, including health data, criminal records, etc. of my own staff. It's circulating.

We will put pressure on the Bureau to finally prioritise IT security! euractiv.com/section/cybersecu

Patrick Breyer Digital freedom fighter and Member of European Parliament for the German and the European Pirate Party

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I passionately defend human rights in the age of the digital revolution.
I have been active in the civil liberties movement for many years. In court I successfully contested the first German law on data retention and the law on access to subscriber data. I have sued for Internet surfers’ privacy and achieved access to information regarding Court documents in the EU Commission’s possession.

In the European Parliament, as a member of the Greens/European Free Alliance group, I work on issues including indiscriminate messaging and chat control, European Digital Identity, European space for health data (EHDS) and privacy in electronic communications (ePrivacy) – more responsibilities here.

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My priorities for Europe

Protecting human rights in the digital age


Right to privacy instead of mass surveillance and data retention – because it is nobody’s business, with whom you are in contact and which websites you visit.


Right to the free exchange of information and opinions – so that nobody censors or filters what you are allowed to read and write on the Internet.


Modern, fair copyright law – so that you can no longer be cashed in by lawyers.


Free software and free knowledge – because projects and ideas get better when everyone can work on them.


Right to free movement – because reintroducing border controls in Europe is the wrong way to go.

Update for Europe

As the “Robin Hood of politics” we want to give power back to the citizens


Disclosure of contacts between lobbyists and politicians in order to curb the influence of business on politics.


Publication of official documents instead of secret agreements (e.g. TTIP).


Citizen participation and direct democracy instead of backroom politics behind closed doors.


Protection instead of prosecution of whistleblowers.


Rule of law for everyone instead of private arbitration courts for corporations.