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Digital Euro? A Bad Proposal!

05.06.2024: The Commission proposes to create a digital Euro with mandatory identification, holding limits, and payment limits. Every online payment, no matter how small, would be traceable. I discussed how this jeopardises our right to priv...

Julian Assange: Germany has to say and something!

20.05.2023: Today the UK High Court may greenlight the extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for exposing war crimes. Then his fate will be in the hands of the UK Home Secretary James Cleverly and the US President. We need to contin...

Julian Assange to be extradited? Keep up the pressure on the UK!

08.05.2024: Only two weeks to the extradition decision: We must build pressure on the UK to Free Assange NOW, explains Stella Assange in this video.

Julian Assange: Intimidating the press to keep us ignorant

03.05.2024: On Press Freedom Day, it's a disgrace for the West that Julian #Assange remains in prison for his unwelcome revelations! "Intimidating the press is to keep us ignorant" Stella Assange told me. Only transparency will allow us to control...

EU restrictions on cash payments: Hands off our cash!

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange: Will Europe break its silence?

26.02.2024: On 26 February, we Pirates and our parliamentary group voted on whether the "Extradition and prosecution of Julian Assange and its impact on press freedom" should be discussed this week.

EU to make interconnected electronic patient records mandatory for all citizens

EU Parliament doesn't want Chat Control! What next?

#ChatControl: The way out

Real child protection is possible without data retention!

29.09.2023: The Polish Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice recommends weakening jurisdiction and using data retention to prosecute file-sharers. First the killer argument "child protection" and now all dams break to track down petty crimin...

Banning TikTok is not enough to stop the surveillance capitalist business model!

18.09.2023: The €345 million fine against Tik Tok for violating children's privacy is right and way overdue, but much more needs to follow, as I have recently criticised. https://politico.eu/article/tiktok-fine-social-media-china-violate-children-...

Digital Education: How is the EU helping?

Amazing #AIAct victory: EU Parliament just voted to fully ban real-time #facialrecognition in Europe!


Data retention: Myths and Facts

Pirates sailing together in the European Parliament