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Breyer: Kaili‘s role in pushing for CSAM scanner proposal needs investigating

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Following the arrest of the Greek Social Democrat MEP Eva Kaili on serious corruption charges, the EU Parliament today voted to revoke her Vice-Presidency with one vote against and two abstentions. Now, however, further consequences must follow in order to increase transparency in the EU Parliament and prevent further incidents of corruption in the future, demands MEP Dr Patrick Breyer (Pirate Party). In addition, Kaili’s involvement in digital legislative proposals, which she had recently significantly influenced, must be scrutinised.

MEP Breyer (Pirate Party) explains:

“The necessary investigations of the specific case at hand must not be used by the establishment to block overdue reforms. In particular regarding the MEPs ‚general expenditure allowance‘, the next scandal is looming just around the corner. Is allowance being used to support Russia’s war of aggression or for paying bribes? We simply do not know. We Pirates set a good example and are completely transparent about the use of this lump sum. Other colleagues can and need to do the same.”

Investigate influence in digital projects

“Ms Kaili’s involvement in controversial digital legislative proposals also needs investigating. More than any other Social Democrat, Kaili has recently been at the forefront of advocating for indiscriminate searches of private correspondence (chat control). In her official capacity as ‘Vice-President for Innovation Strategy and Technologies’, she has given a platform to EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson and US actor and lobbyist Ashton Kutcher, who is also the co-founder of a technology start-up, for promoting the chat control proposal. She lacked any neutrality and made politics in office. Her event was live-streamed by the European Parliament which is unusual. I see this conduct as an abuse of her office.”