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EU tightens surveillance of air travelers

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The lead LIBE committee in the EU Parliament today voted in favor of increased surveillance of air travelers. Pirate Party MEP Dr. Patrick Breyer explains the consequences and his opposition:

“The fact that non-European flights are placed under general suspicion was already the case before. However, even where there are no border controls concerning national or Schengen flights, airlines will have to scan a machine-readable ID card and report the passenger data in future. This makes it much easier to create movement profiles.

Whether and which passenger data is reported to law enforcement agencies for flights without border controls is a secret. The secret report is by no means limited to suspects, but covers entire flight connections on the basis of a vague ‘risk analysis’.

This tightening of air traveler surveillance contradicts the achievement of abolishing border controls in Europe. It is not justified to place unsuspicious air travelers under general suspicion. That is why I voted against the reform.”

The API reform still requires a final plenary approval before it enters into force.

Full text of the new regulations:



Council press release: