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Pirates: Cannabis reform now needed at EU level

Europaparlament Freiheit, Demokratie und Transparenz Pressemitteilungen

Brussels/Berlin, 23/02/2024 – Today, the German Bundestag is expected to adopt the law on the controlled use of cannabis[1]. Among other things, the possession of up to 50 grams in private spaces and up to 25 grams in public spaces will be legalised. Pirates welcome this long overdue initiative and have also been advocating legislative measures for the decriminalisation and legalisation of private cannabis consumption at EU level.

Pirate Party MEP Patrick Breyer comments:

The ‘war on cannabis’ was never winnable, contradicts the reality of life and has only played into the hands of organised crime. Criminal law is the wrong means of achieving a responsible approach to drugs. It is high time that the established parties put an end to their failed policy of cannabis prohibition. In future, countless hours of police and judicial work can be devoted to important tasks such as the prosecution of domestic burglaries. Although it is long overdue, I am pleased that Germany is leading the way here among the major EU member states. We Pirates can now campaign even more resolutely at European level for a future-oriented and legally secure solution for the responsible use of cannabis.”

Mikuláš Peksa, MEP of the Czech Pirate Party and co-founder of the cross-party interest group in the EU Parliament on personal cannabis use [2], comments:

“The EU must now look to Germany and take a leaf out of its book when it comes to taking the right steps towards cannabis liberalisation. In the European Parliament, my cross-party group is vehemently scrutinizing all options for legalization within the EU legal framework. We are bringing almost all parties to the table and discussing realistic, effective solutions. Because at the moment there is an unacceptable patchwork of regulations in EU countries that puts young people in prison for a “victimless crime”. Private cannabis use is a matter of personal freedom. The current legal provisions also contradict the principles of freedom of movement. EU citizens are used to a certain level of security when crossing borders with other EU Member States and the current state of cannabis legalisation in various Member States undermines these rights.”

Anja Hirschel, lead candidate of the Pirate Party Germany for the 2024 European elections, comments:

“After we Pirates have been demanding it for years, common sense is finally making its way into the Bundestag. Things should now move quickly, and a further delay in legalisation due to an alleged overburdening of the judiciary can easily be avoided: If the political will is there, time limit regulations can provide clarity. What is currently unnecessarily burdening the judiciary with additional work is the fact that there is no uniform approach and public prosecutors are conducting their investigations according to their own criteria. As soon as the criminalisation of cannabis use is ended, previously tied-up capacities will be freed up for these cases. This will therefore also benefit our legal system. At EU level, I would also use my mandate to advocate for legalisation.”

[1] https://www.bundestag.de/dokumente/textarchiv/2024/kw08-de-cannabis-990684

[2] https://european-pirateparty.eu/members-of-the-european-parliament-including-pirate-mep-mikulas-peksa-set-up-cross-party-group-on-the-legalisation-of-personal-use-of-cannabis/