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Pirates: Torturing animals for fur must be banned

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Strasbourg, 19/10/2023 – Pirate Party MEPs are joined by Pirate Party representatives from Germany and Luxembourg in supporting the European Citizens’ Initiative “Fur Free Europe”[1], which was debated today in the European Parliament. The initiative was signed by more than 1.7 million European citizens from 18 countries and must now be addressed by the European Commission. In 2021, the last measured year, the number of animals killed for fur was still 44 million per year. They are also kept in appalling conditions, according to Fur Free Europe.

Marcel Kolaja, Member and Quaestor of the European Parliament, comments:

“In my opinion, such cruelty simply does not belong in 21st century Europe. EU citizens obviously see it the same way and I am very glad that they have made that clear with their petition. I hope that the European Commission will now finally address the problem and present us with a clear plan to end the unnecessary suffering of animals. This is the ideal time to do so, because Russia used to buy most of its fur from the European Union. But interest has declined significantly due to the sanctions. The regions for which this sector was an important source of income are therefore desperately looking for a way out. And if the Commission also proposes support for the transition to another business sector, that will help everyone involved – people and animals alike.”

Marc Goergen, Pirate Party Member of the Chamber of Deputies in Luxembourg, comments:

“As Luxembourgish Pirates, we continue to advocate for a fur-free world in our country, in Europe and outside of the EU. During our first year in parliament in 2019, we asked the government in a motion to prohibit the sale of fur in Luxembourg, citing article 36 of the TFUE. Our motion was defeated, but we will continue to advocate for the abolition of animal cruelty. With a new government in place, we urge them to set a deadline for the retailing of fur in Luxembourg.”

Anja Hirschel, top candidate of the Pirate Party Germany for the 2024 European elections, comments:

“Animals of various species, simply called fur animals according to their use, are kept in farms under conditions that are simply cruel. And this for a product, that can long since be replaced by high quality alternatives. No one needs real fur except the animals born with it. Moreover, it has not only been clear since the Covid pandemic that fur farms, like other factory farms, harbour a danger for all of us that should not be underestimated: viruses find it easier to cross species boundaries there. It is in our best interest to do something about this. To really get there, we have to keep an eye on the entire supply chain. This of course includes imports from non-EU countries.”

German Pirate Party MEP Patrick Breyer comments:

“Fur farms and farmed fur products are completely out of date and have no place in our modern society. Apart from the cruel conditions for the animals that are kept there until they are killed, such facilities also have a significant impact on humans and animals alike as disease carriers. The EU Commission is now called to act, almost 2 million EU citizens must not go unheard! I call for a legislative proposal of the von der Leyen Commission that will finally put an end to this unethical and shameful industry.”

Fur farms are currently banned in 14 EU countries, but are for example still legally permitted in Germany under certain conditions. Finland, Poland, Lithuania and Spain, on the other hand, are among the most problematic countries, the initiative says. The European Commission must take up a citizens’ initiative if it collects more than 1 million verified signatures from more than 7 member states.

[1] https://www.furfreealliance.com/fur-free-europe/