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Commissioner-designates voted out: We do not tolerate a corrupt system of favoritism!

European Parliament

The Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament decided today that the Commission candidates Plumb (Romania) and Trócsányi (Hungary) are unable to perform their duties in accordance with the procedures laid down in the treaties. Patrick Breyer (Pirate Party), member of the Committee on Legal Affairs, comments:

In the EU, public offices must not be used for personal gain as is in banana states. The Romanian candidate Plumb accepted an unusually advantageous loan from a businesswoman to finance her election campaign. In return, she may feel obliged to be grateful, by making certain political decisions or by providing business or jobs to the creditor or her family. In the past, two sons of a lender to Mrs. Plumb (who became a minister after the loan was granted) reportedly were given government jobs. We must not tolerate such a corrupt system of favoritism in Europe.

Background report on the Trócsányi case



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