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Digital vaccination certificates: Proposal insufficient regarding data protection and non-discrimination

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Today, the European Commission presented its draft regulation on digital vaccination and testing certificates to restore freedom of travel in the EU in the wake of the Corona pandemic: The so-called “Digital Green Pass.”

MEP Patrick Breyer (Pirate Party) still sees considerable need for improvement:

“The proposal does not yet meet the requirements of data protection and protection against discrimination. It is not ensured that the digital variant of the certificate is stored decentrally on devices of the person concerned and not in a central vaccination register. Citizens are not given a choice whether they want to receive a digital or a paper certificate unless their Member State grants it.

And the regulation allows freedom of travel to be linked to vaccination and negative tests not to be accepted as an alternative, which could lead to discrimination. This needs to be improved. On the other hand I welcome the fact that the retention of medical information after showing the certificate is excluded.”



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