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Patrick Breyer on Cryptoleaks: Never trust non-transparent encryption products!


Patrick Breyer, Member of the European Parliament for the Pirate Party, comments the revelations of back doors in encryption products sold by the Swiss Company “Crypto AG” which was set up by intelligence services:

By now everyone should know: Never trust closed-source ‘encryption’ offered by companies such as ProtonMail or Threema. Use open-source technologies such as VeraCrypt, GnuPG or Matrix that are accessible for independent inspection. Effective encryption is no trade secret.

If the EU is serious about data sovereignty, it needs to invest in interception-proof infrastructure and technology.

Effective encryption is essential to ensure confidentiality and to protect our communications. Politicians need to learn: Weakening encryption to make communications interceptable will destroy our security and open the door to hackers and intelligence agencies.



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