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EU’s top court confirms that all documents held by European Commission fall under access to documents rules [extern]

Access Info Europe welcomed this week’s ruling from the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union, that the Commission cannot automatically refuse access to whole categories of documents in its possession. The Court confirmed that the EU institutions should always apply the EU’s access to documents rules to any documents they […]

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EU court strikes small blow for transparency | euractiv [extern]

The European Court of Justice on Tuesday (18 July) threw out an appeal by the European Commission in a case related to public access to documents. EURACTIV Germany reports. EU judges confirmed that the Commission cannot refuse access to member state documents just because they are part of court proceedings.

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EU Court rules on transparency of EU justice | PirateTimes [extern]

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg today ruled in favour of the German civil liberties activist and pirate party member Patrick Breyer (Commission vs. Breyer, C-213/15 P):[1] It ordered the Commission to give the press and the public access to the pleadings exchanged in completed court proceedings. In the present case Breyer successfully […]

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Top EU Court to rule on transparency of EU judiciary tomorrow

Just how transparent are EU court proceedings? Are the press and the public given access to pleadings in important landmark cases? Or do parties face a fine when disclosing pleadings to the press or the public? In an action brought by the German civil liberties activist and pirate party member Patrick Breyer, the EU Court […]

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EU Advocate supports action for greater transparency of court proceedings

The EU Advocate General in Luxemburg today expressed support for Pirate Party politician Patrick Breyer’s action for greater transparency of EU court proceedings. The Commission is obliged to grant access to the pleadings submitted by a Member State, of which it holds a copy, in a case that has already been closed. Advocate General Bobek […]

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Top Court closes down open password-free WiFi in Europe

In a lawsuit brought by a German Pirate Party politician the European Court of Justice today ruled that open WiFi networks in Europe should be closed to stop copyright infringements. In case of abuse of a public WiFi network for file sharing the operator can be ordered to password-protect its network and disclose the password […]

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Will European Court prohibit open password-free WiFi?

Tomorrow the European Court of Justice will hear the case of a Pirate Party member from Bavaria vs. Sony Music (Case C-484/14, McFadden vs. Sony Music). There is concern that the Court could require open WiFi networks in Europe to be closed due to copyright enforcement. The facts: Pirate Tobias McFadden is offering open WiFi […]

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Pirate Party: Proposed EU-US data protection “Umbrella agreement” breeds human rights violations

Pirate Party data protection expert Patrick Breyer dismisses the EU-US data protection “Umbrella agreement”[1] as “entirely insufficient and violating human rights”.[2] Breyer says: This agreement will not prevent US authorities from abusing our data for extralegal drone killings, for infinite imprisonment without indictment or for adding to their no-fly or other ‘black lists’. No limits […]

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Femernbelt fixed link: Protest against “Big Brother” traffic surveillance in Germany

A German politician has filed a complaint with the Danish data protection authority (Datatilsynet) concerning the Danish femernbelt fixed-link law. According to the member of Schleswig-Holsteins state parliament Patrick Breyer, the proposed cctv recording of tunnel users and number plate readings are “unnecessary and disproportionate”: The abandoned EU border inspections should not be replaced by […]

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